Always Pay in Naira: Say Goodbye to Foreign Currencies!

You are Free to Pay in Naira within Casa Italia Nigeria

Experience the Convenience: Naira is Welcome for All Purchases within Casa Italia Nigeria!

With Casa Italia Nigeria, Buyers have the freedom to consistently pay in Naira for all their purchases on the Marketplace.

Buyers can always pay in Naira thanks to Ebury  the global financial platform that simplifies and speeds up the settlement of your international trade transactions.

Why Ebury?

Ebury –  Banco Santander Group, Spain’s largest banking group and fourth largest in Europe. NYSE: SAN – is a financial services company, specializing in international cash flow management solutions, including foreign payments, foreign exchange risk management, and import financing.

Ebury is one of the fastest-growing global fintech companies, and it is one of the world’s most trusted international trade services providers, offering its financial solutions and services to thousands of organizations worldwide.

Managed currencies
Fully regulated in countries
Offices in 21 countries
US$ billions traded in the last 12 months
Bloomberg Top Ranked Forecaster

How payment works in Naira

Embrace the freedom of Naira payments without FEES for all your Casa Italia Nigeria purchases!

Just make a simple Bank Transfer in Naira

That’s it! All you need to do is just receive the payment instructions from the Seller (invoice, amount, etc.) and make a regular domestic bank transfer in Naira to Ebury Nigeria with your usual bank, and that’s it!

Just make a Transfer without Paying any Fee

Just make a regular domestic bank transfer in Naira WITHOUT paying any COMMISSION or FEES! Nothing else, no other complications!

Just Use your Bank

You can use your current Nigerian bank. You do not need to open any new bank account with Ebury, any other bank or any other financial institution!

Unlock the Power to Pay in Naira for Every Purchase at Casa Italia Nigeria!

The Advantages of Working with Ebury

Forget Currency Exchange Issues

Currency exchange and exchange losses are no longer your problem.

No more concerns about converting Naira to Euros or Dollars.

With Ebury you settle your purchase in Naira, eliminating prolonged  waits for foreign currency from banks.

Forget about Bank Fees

With Ebury, you simply made a Bank Transfer in Naira without paying any Bank Fee.

Say Goodbye to Currency Exchange Fees and Bank Charges

Forget about New Bank Accounts

You don’t have to open any new bank account. Not even with Ebury.

To settle your purchases, simply make a regular domestic bank transfer to Ebury  with your usual bank, and that’s it!

No additional complex steps.

Pay in Naira: Your Passport to International Trade!

Join Thousands of Businesses

Join thousands of satisfied businesses that have gained flexibility and complete control over international transactions without additional complications.

Choose convenience and ease: start paying in Naira today at Casa Italia Nigeria and unleash the potential of your global business!

For further information, visit the official Ebury website: