Building the bridge between Nigeria and Italy

Expand Your Business Horizons with our International Platform

As globalization continues to shrink the world and bring businesses from different countries closer together, the importance of a robust B2B marketplace between Italy and Nigeria cannot be ignored.

In this view, Casa Italia Nigeria not only provides a platform for companies from both countries to connect and do business with each other, but also promotes the economic growth and development of both nations.

We are a team of international trade experts and business professionals who are passionate about helping small and medium-sized enterprises succeed in the global marketplace.

Our goal is to provide a convenient and transparent platform for businesses in Nigeria and Italy to connect and trade with each other, and to help them expand their horizons and unlock new opportunities.

We offer a range of services to our users, including access to a wide range of Products,  Services, Sellers and Buyers, and tools to facilitate the negotiation and completion of deals.

Our team is focused to provide the best possible experience for our users, as well as foster the building of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between Nigerian and Italian businesses.

We are proud to be a part of the global trade community and look forward to helping our users succeed and grow internationally.

Thank you for choosing Casa Italia Nigeria as your partner in international trade!

Our Commitments

We have Three Primary Commitments that inspire How We Work

Facilitating international trade

We provide businesses with a platform to connect with potential partners from Nigeria and Italy. We simplify the process of research and communication between international Sellers and Buyers, making it easier for businesses to navigate the complexities of international trade. Overall we make it easier for companies to access new markets, increase sales and grow revenues.

Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises

We support the growth and success of small and medium-sized enterprises in both countries. This means providing access to a wide range of products and services for Sellers and Buyers. As well as providing tools and resources to help these companies grow and succeed in the global market.

Promoting cross-cultural collaboration

We serve as a platform for cross-cultural collaboration and understanding, by bringing businesses from both countries and cultures together and fostering meaningful business relationships and partnerships. This can help to break down barriers and create new opportunities for mutual growth and success.

Unleash the Power of B2B Trading with Casa Italia Nigeria

Whether you are a small business owner looking to expand into new markets or a multinational corporation seeking to tap into new sources of growth, Casa Italia Nigeria provides the support and resources you need to succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a B2B Marketplace that connects Nigerian and Italian businesses and facilitates international trade between the two countries.

We aim to create a central platform that is easy to use and provides a range of tools and resources to help our users succeed.

We are committed to support the growth and success of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to promote cross-cultural collaboration and understanding through long term business relationships and partnerships.

We strive to be a trusted and respected partner for our users, helping them to reach their full potential in the global marketplace.

Our Vision

Our vision for our B2B Marketplace between Nigeria and Italy is to create a world where small and medium-sized enterprises have the tools and resources they need to succeed in the global marketplace and connect with partners from around the world.

We envision a platform that is affordable, simple and transparent, and that helps businesses to overcome barriers and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.